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Exchange Connector Configuring Exchange for Message Delivery

The configuration of Exchange Server depends on the version you are using.

With all versions of Exchange, care needs to be taken that anti-spam and anti-virus filters do not block messages delivered by QSS Exchange Connector to Exchange, unless the "Delete the message permanently" delivery setting is used (see discussion below). Failure to observe this will lead to messages permanently remaining on the POP3 server.

In Exchange 2003, the default configuration usually works with minimal changes. In Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010, you may need to create a new Receive Connector. In Exchange 2013, 2016 and 2019, it is recommended to create a separate Receive Connector specifically for Exchange Connector.

See the FAQ for detailed instructions:

Outbound message delivery (i.e. messages sent to external recipients outside your organization) is still handled by Exchange when using our POP3 connector. A simple way to configure outbound mail is to set Exchange to forward or "smart host" the mail through another mail server, such as your ISP's mail server. Instructions are provided for this configuration for the supported versions of Exchange: