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Exchange Anti-Spam Toolkit Organization Configuration

The Organization Config section allows you to configure the organization-wide SCL Junk Threshold.

SCL Junk Threshold

This value is the organization-wide Spam Confidence Level (SCL) Junk Threshold. The Spam Confidence Level is based on analysis of the message content by the Content Filter Agent.

Messages with an SCL value greater than the specified value will be moved to the Junk Email folder, if Anti-Spam is enabled for the mailbox.

Valid values are from 4 to 9.

If an SCL Junk Threshold value is configured on an individual mailbox, then the setting on the individual mailbox will take precedence.

As an organization-wide setting, this affects all Exchange servers in the Exchange environment. If the value is updated on one Exchange server, the updated value will be visible on other servers as soon as the Organization Config page is re-opened.

For more information regarding this setting, see Exchange spam confidence level (SCL) thresholds.

Microsoft deprecated the SmartScreen technology used in the Exchange Content Filter Agent in 2016. Content filtering continues to work using existing outdated definitions.

Other anti-spam filters in Exchange are much more useful and reliable and message content filtering was only of limited use even before it was deprecated.

However, we recommend that the Content Filter still be enabled in Exchange as it provides some other functionality which is still useful (allowed recipients, allowed senders, allowed phrases and blocked phrases). Message SCL values can also be set by third-party filtering solutions or custom Transport Rules.

As a result, we recommend setting the SCL Junk Threshold to 9, which effectively disables the outdated SmartScreen filtering by the built-in Content Filter Agent, but still allows its other functions to be used.