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Exchange Anti-Spam Toolkit Configuring Exchange Anti-Spam filtering with PowerShell vs. Exchange Anti-Spam Toolkit

QSS Exchange Anti-Spam Toolkit provides a comprehensive set of configuration options for the built-in anti-spam agents and in general the same configuration of the built-in anti-spam filters can be achieved either with PowerShell or with the QSS Exchange Anti-Spam Toolkit web interface.

QSS Exchange Anti-Spam Toolkit communicates with Exchange and applies configuration changes by using PowerShell cmdlets. The same design is used by many functions of Exchange Control Panel. Due to the design of some of the PowerShell cmdlets, some aspects of a complex configuration may be difficult to manage directly with PowerShell, such as large lists of allowed or blocked addresses and individual mailbox settings. However, all of the configuration data for the built-in anti-spam filters is accessible via PowerShell.

After installing QSS Exchange Anti-Spam Toolkit, PowerShell can still be used to configure to built-in anti-spam filters. Any configuration changes made via PowerShell will be reflected in QSS Anti-Spam Toolkit, and any configuration changes made in QSS Anti-Spam Toolkit will be reflected in PowerShell cmdlets. You may need to refresh the page in the browser if changes are made using PowerShell cmdlets while the web interface is open.

The additional anti-spam filters provided by QSS Exchange Anti-Spam Toolkit can only be configured via the web interface. The configuration for these additional filters is stored in configuration files on each server the agents are installed on.