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Exchange Connector FAQ: Maintaining Settings When Uninstalling, Upgrading to Newer Versions or Moving to a Different Machine

The uninstallers provided with the latest versions of our software do not remove any saved settings. The existing settings will be automatically detected by newer versions and no specific steps are necessary when performing an upgrade.

The uninstallers provided with versions of Exchange Connector prior to 3.3.3 will remove saved settings. You must back up your existing settings before uninstalling these versions to perform an upgrade.

Exchange Connector uninstallers provided with versions 3.3.3 onwards do not ever remove any saved settings. Other products either do not store user-specific settings or do not suffer from this limitation in any version.

How to Backup & Transfer Settings

If you need to move the settings for a particular product to an installation on a different machine, or if you are running an older version that removes settings during uninstallation, you can use the following procedure migrate the settings to the new installation.

For Windows 2000, XP, and Server 2003:

  • Settings are stored in the <DRIVE>\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Quantum Software Solutions\<Product Name> folder for server-based applications (such as Exchange Connector)
  • Settings are stored in the <DRIVE>\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Quantum Software Solutions\<Product Name> folder for other applications

For Windows Vista and Server 2008:

  • Settings are stored in the <DRIVE>\ProgramData\Quantum Software Solutions\<Product Name> folder for server-based applications (such as Exchange Connector)
  • Settings are stored in the <DRIVE>\Users\<username>\Application Data\Quantum Software Solutions\<Product Name> folder for other applications

To back up and transfer the settings:

  1. Completely stop the all services using application’s the Service Manager tool, if applicable.
  2. Completely exit the Service Manager tool by right-clicking the tray icon and selecting Exit.
  3. For web-based applications, use the Internet Information Services console in Computer Management to stop the related website(s).
  4. Copy all of the files in the above folder to a different location (not a subfolder of the folder).
  5. Install the latest version.
  6. After installation is complete, overwrite the newly installed files in the above location with the backed up copies (again making sure that the service is stopped and that the Service Manager tool is closed).
  7. Verify that the old settings have been imported successfully.

If settings are not successfully imported into the latest version for any reason, please contact Technical Support. Please note, our support team will only be able to assist if backup copies of the old settings files can be provided.

Maintaining product activation when uninstalling

Product activation data is never removed by uninstallers. When a new version is installed, it will automatically detect the activation data created by the previous version.

However, some older versions of our software (prior to 2005) used a different activation system which is incompatible with the activation system in the latest versions. The vast majority of customers who were originally issued an activation code with this older system have already been transitioned to the current activation system and will not be affected by upgrading.

If you are still using a product licensed through the older activation system, you will need to re-activate after upgrading. You can determine if your license is compatible with the latest activation system by checking your activation code. All activation codes designed for the latest system are in the following format:


If your activation code is in a different format, it is recommended that you contact Technical Support to have your license converted prior to uninstalling your current version. Please note that we do not provide replacement activation codes for the older activation system and if you need to re-install such a version, you will be required to upgrade to the latest version (free of charge) to obtain a replacement activation code.