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Exchange Connector FAQ: Checking for Product Updates

Our products can be configured to automatically check for updates at a specified time interval. It is also possible to check for updates manually at a given time. When an update becomes available and auto update functionality is enabled, a message will be displayed and you will be asked whether you want to install the update.

The software update settings are accessed via the "Auto Update" tab in the Options dialog. The Auto Update tab of the Options dialog for Exchange Connector is shown below.

Clicking "Check for Updates Now" will contact the web service immediately and display a message indicating whether any updates were found.

If an update is detected automatically while the product is running in the background, the message informing you that an update is available will be displayed the next time the software user interface is accessed.

Even if the "Automatically check for software updates" setting is checked, each time an update becomes available, you will be prompted to confirm before any updates are installed. No updates will be installed until you confirm that you want to proceed with the update.

Manually Checking for Updates

If you are unable to use the automatic update feature, you can manually check for updates by opening the product's About dialog, and comparing the version number with the latest version on our Downloads page.