QSS Exchange Connector Screenshots

POP3 Connector for Exchange Server

QSS Exchange Connector seamlessly integrates POP3 mailboxes with Microsoft Exchange by downloading mail from POP3 mailboxes and delivering the messages to the appropriate Exchange mailboxes. QSS Exchange Connector is simple to configure, yet a flexible, high-performance, reliable and affordable POP3 connector.

POP3 Account Details

Multiple POP3 accounts can be configured, or catch-all mailboxes can be used. Secure POP with TLS 1.2 is fully supported.

Delivery Options & Routing

Each POP3 account can have separate delivery and routing settings. Automatic Recipient Detection supports catch-all mailboxes and is fully configurable.

POP3 Account Download Options

Messages can be left on the POP3 server for up to 60 days after delivery, or removed immediately.

Download & Schedule Options

Messages can be downloaded from POP3 accounts as frequently as every minute. Multiple mailboxes are processed simultaneously for optimum performance. POP3 Mail Download can also be disabled out of hours, if desired.

Undeliverable Message Handling

Undeliverable message handling is configurable and is compatible with built-in Exchange anti-spam filters and most third-party anti-spam solutions.

Live Server Message View

The Server Message Viewer provides a live view of messages currently in a mailbox on the POP3 server, for diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes.


All operations are logged and event log, text file and SQL Server logging are supported.

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